Moving From Change Management to Change Leadership

To offer the best patient services and stay competitive, it’s essential to know how to prime your clinic to evolve and adapt. Fortunately, you're never in it alone - and this time, our expert panel will be investigating how to mould your business transformation efforts through sound team leadership.

Join us for our free veterinary webinar, and you'll understand:

  • How to master change management at your veterinary practice
  • How to embrace technology change in clinic
  • Why an empowered clinic team is the magic ingredient during times of change
  • Setting goals and managing staff expectations to make sure everyone is onboard with new implementation strategies

Chaired by Thom Jenkins (CEO, PetsApp), our panellists include:

Gudrun Ravetz, Past President (British Veterinary Association) & Head Veterinary Officer (Simply Health Professionals)

Gudrun Ravetz is a Past President of the British Veterinary Association and of the Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons. Gudrun is particularly focussed on the workforce challenges of the profession and ways in which this and veterinary working environments can be improved. She was most recently the chair of the BVA’s Good Workplace Working Group.

Samantha Le-Vallee, Business Manager (Riverside Vets, Eastleigh)

Samantha Le-Vallee is a Registered Veterinary Nurse with 30 years of Veterinary practice and business experience, having worked in small animal and farm practice , pharmaceutical and pet food sectors. Sam has recently joined a busy Independent small animal and equine practice in Hampshire as their business manager.

Richard Casey, President (Veterinary Management Group)

Richard is Head of Clinical Development at Blue Cross, has spearheaded the implementation and expansion of Blue Cross’ programme of sustainable veterinary services, delivered via network of 200+ private veterinary practices. He has also been President Veterinary Management Group since January 2020.

Part of the beauty of working in veterinary is being part of a constantly innovating profession. That benefit can be a little fickle though - sometimes, it can feel like you have to run to merely stand still.

To keep up to date with latest software innovations, pet owner expectations, clinical standards, real world events... we can only be so prepared, despite preparations otherwise.

To stay on top, to offer best patient service and stay afloat, it’s essential to know how to prime your clinic to evolve and adapt. Fortunately, you're never in it alone - our panel of experts will be exploring how to structure business transformation around change leadership.

We'll be covering how to create a workplace culture that embraces change, how to move past previous failed attempts at change, and how to set (and meet!) achievable transformation goals.

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