Finding Fulfilment in VetMed: Facing Compassion Fatigue Head On 🤗

Want to keep your flame burning for veterinary medicine?

Our passion for animals is what drew us here, but how to keep the joy in our everyday work?

Compassion fatigue is an inherent risk in veterinary medicine.

Let's get to grips with this concept and share some simple tips for keeping our dream alive! Join us for this CE accredited webinar and start feeling like a superhero the next day!

Key learning objectives:

🥱 Compassion Fatigue misconceptions  

🛣 The road to compassion fatigue and burnout  

🥹 Evaluating our needs, wants and desires  

😍 Strategies to find a fulfilling career  

✅ Tips on enhancing the work-life balance 

Meet the speaker – Celine Leheurteux, DVM

CEO and Founder

Active in small animal practice since 1999, Dr. Leheurteux is interested in the psychological aspect of veterinary practice with the purpose of optimizing relationships both within the care team and with clients.

Through the years, she has developed a personalized approach to euthanasia, a defining medical act, one that has a huge impact both for the client and the veterinarian, and for which practitioners are not prepared well for during their University curriculum. Having suffered from the lack of training in euthanasia, she is committed to sharing her knowledge and clinical experience with veterinary teams to improve the experience of euthanasia for everyone involved in the process. In the last years, she has attended international veterinary conferences and is on a mission to share the best of what she has learned in lectures on end-of-life and communication and in the clinic on the Practical Classes in Small animal Euthanasia RACE approved CE platform.

Concerned by animal and people welfare, she has participated in spay and neuter clinics in Costa Rica since she graduated. Celine is a mother of 3 that loves to ride ponies when she can leave the office!

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