Dr Jules Benson talks pet health data with Dr Thom Jenkins

Data, big data, AI, machine learning – we’re bombarded with the constant promise of how data will continue to transform pet health and the veterinary industry. Join two data-savvy industry veterinarians as they talk about their understanding of the current state of data in veterinary medicine, what we might expect to see, and the actions we, as an industry and as a profession, must take.

About Dr Jules Benson

Jules Benson, BVSc, MRCVS, Nationwide’s Chief Veterinary Officer, is an experienced animal-health strategist with expertise in innovation, technology, data, and marketing. A graduate of the University of Liverpool’s vet school, Dr. Benson is a UK-native but has lived in the US for almost 20 years, currently “enduring” the endless temperate climate of Orange County, California. He has been active in conservation efforts in Africa, and he worked in clinical practice before moving into the animal health industry.

What you'll learn about

  • The current state of pet health data – what it is and what it isn’t
  • The next 5 to 10 years of data – what is our capability vs what is our likely trajectory
  • Building a data culture within veterinary medicine – what do we need to do to as an industry?

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