Cyber security in veterinary medicine: simple steps to protect your hospital

Cyber security has become a bit of a buzzword in 2021. The high profile cyber attacks on businesses like The Colonial Pipeline, CNA, Kasyea & JBS have raised a lot of concerns amongst larger organizations. Veterinary medicine has yet to make moves to protect their huge amounts of data - and 228 veterinary hospitals are hit by an attack per week!

The great news is that it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated to start protecting your hospital from cyber attacks. In this webinar, Clint will be looking at actions you can take that will have the greatest impact on your veterinary hospital’s cyber security.

About Clint, and Lucca Veterinary Data Security

Lucca was founded by Clint Latham. With two senior Yorkies, Clint understands the need to have a trusted veterinarian to care for his family members. Clint’s goal is to help veterinarians realize the value of their data & help them take steps to protect it. So that they can focus on what is most important: quality care for our four-legged family members.

While working and speaking with veterinary hospitals all across the country, Clint saw a drastic increase in the number cyber attacks to the veterinary industry. Clint decided to build a solution to keep hospitals protected while simultaneously keeping IT costs under control - providing Veterinary Hospitals the services they need and nothing they don't.

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