🔮 Culture matters: Vision, mission & values 

The misalignment between people’s needs and values and those of our workplaces are mirrored in today’s retention challenges. 

As teams we must collaboratively explore our shared-values to build cultures where everyone loves to work. A clearly defined vision, mission and values are the bedrock to such cultures.

They form a team’s unique identity and shared leadership compass to navigate the grey and instills purpose and meaning that enables people to feel part of something bigger than themselves.

The ensuing high trust, openness, engagement and strong interdependent workplace connections enhance career fulfilment and retention to ultimately drive organisational success.

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Key Learning Objectives:

  • Increased awareness of the role, responsibility and influence of senior leadership in shaping culture 
  • Clarity on what vision, mission and values are, their importance in defining your workplace identity
  • Insight into the link between people-centred cultures, employee experience, engagement and organisational success 
  • Tips and strategies on how to get started on building and reenforcing your organisational values

So who is Olly King? Olly is a practicing small animal and equine vet, training leadership coach and, as founder of The Meraki Initiative, tech entrepreneur. 

With a biochemistry degree from Bristol University, Olly completed his veterinary undergraduate studies at Glasgow Vet School. Since graduating in 2008, Olly has completed postgraduate qualifications in equine practice and diagnostic imaging alongside working in clinics across the UK, Australia and Singapore. 

Olly’s experiences of poor workplace cultures seeded his interest in leadership that has turned into a passion to raise cultural awareness. On a mission to make the profession a better place work, Meraki was born to inspire leadership and transform the employee experience of veterinary teams, and in doing so improve the wellbeing and sustainability of our workforce. 

Meraki – a veterinary employer directory, does this by supporting workplaces to shine a spotlight on their positive culture so that they can stand out and attract the right students and professionals to build value aligned teams. 

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