Co-Ownership 🤝 a new approach on how to run vet practices

With the idea of Co-ownership becoming more popular in the industry we will be talking about Employee Ownership, with the whole team becoming invested in the success of the practice. More of us leading veterinary teams need to understand why this could be so important to our profession.

The journey at Pennard Vets started before becoming Employee Owned in March 2021, so the discussion will surround the reasons why Pennard decided to change along with the benefits and potential pitfalls.

We will discuss how Pennard structured the transition and the results 18 months on with the impact on the team, the clients and the finances.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of what Employee Ownership is
  • What the benefits of Employee Ownership are
  • What the next steps to becoming employee owned would be

Who are Matt and Caroline? Matthew and Caroline are both vets with over 20 years experience in veterinary and are Directors at Pennard Vets. They believe in challenging the status quo and finding progressive and innovative ways to improve team engagement, service delivery and client experience.

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