ChatGPT: Exploring the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Animal Health 🤖

Join Coach & Consultant Katie Ford who will be leading the discussion on AI in veterinary with Director of DCS Digital & VetSocial Scott Bowler.

Key learning objectives:

🤪 Demystify AI and get a better understand of its uses

🗣️ Unify your team's online voice for online client enquiries & messages

🗺️ Improve your search engine optimisation

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Meet Katie Ford 🐶

My name is Katie, I live in beautiful Saddleworth just outside Manchester. I'm a happy space-nerd, borderline obsessed with Gary Vaynerchuk and I love raccoons. Getting outside and walking makes me especially happy, as does spending time with my partner and our two ridiculously fluffy cats. I love the gym, learning mountain biking, fitness and have done the odd mud run. I am a big-picture thinker, and my mind is always full of impactful ideas as well as unique systems to make them happen.

I'm passionate about self-value and identity, and love helping other entrepreneurs with this too; I trained as a coach, broadband consciousness trainer, and in multiple other cognitive techniques. I've also been mentored and still am, by one of Bob Proctor's top mindset coaches in the world, who I'm lucky to call a good friend. I am so fascinated that I'm just finishing up a Masters in Emotional Wellbeing too.

I also happen to be a trained veterinary surgeon, having spent eight years in clinical practice and gaining an RCVS Internal Medicine Certificate. I shared my path online and gained over 17,000 followers, plus created an impactful, online business myself, and three others alongside colleagues (VetYou, Vet Empowered and WellVet). I have worked as a consultant alongside many of the industries largest companies, as well as speaking on global stages and as a keynote.

Over recent years, I have become increasingly passionate about self-development, motivation, and inspiration for entrepreneurs with big ideas (in the vet space and beyond), to help them overcome imposter syndrome and self-doubt. I love assisting others to achieve their goals, overcoming roadblocks to success, and unlocking their potential to thrive. I love nothing more than combining my skills in coaching, consultancy, and mentorship to help others create a genuine impact online, whilst remembering who they are in the process.

Meet Scott Bowler 🐱

With over 20 years of programming and development experience under his belt, Scott brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the table. His work has taken him across the globe, working for a wide range of retail businesses and agencies, from startups to multinationals.

Still hands on, his passion for technology and his commitment to helping businesses achieve their goals has led him to now specialise in AI, automations and integrations so that he can continue to help businesses grow and become more efficient.

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