What a veterinary team wants, from the Western Veterinary Conference

You're managing a very busy veterinary clinic, and you're looking at your upcoming strategic plan. I want to start by having you ask yourself a question before you begin that process. At your clinic, who are the key stakeholders? Let us clue you in - it's your veterinary team.

Join us for this free webinar, first delivered at the Western Veterinary Conference 2021.

Presenters - Dr Thom Jenkins

Thom is PetsApp's very own Vet! Prior to founding PetsApp, Thom led innovative veterinary groups in the UK and abroad for years. He is also Chair of VetForum and advises companies looking to make a positive impact on society. Thom has a mini zoo at home with 3 kids, a dog and cat called Addy. Mountain gorillas are his second favourite animal at age 8 he set up a not-for-profit called The Gorilla Club.

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